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Engineered Wood Barn Doors

1 - 4 of 4 Results


1 - 4 of 4 Results

Engineered Wood Barn Doors: Engineered for Excellence

Experience a door that’s incredible, right down to its very core. Engineered solid wood barn doors, pre-finished in a variety of distinct colors and finishes, require no staining or painting.

Only our engineered solid wood barn doors are produced using modern construction techniques to ensure your door won’t be affected by changing temperatures or occasional scratches.

What is an Engineered Wooden Door?

Our engineered wooden doors utilize internal, less-expensive pieces of wood within the body of the door and then are finished off with an outer layer of high-quality, more expensive wood for the exterior of the door.

Benefits of Engineered Wooden Barn Doors

At Renin, our engineered wooden barn doors are specially designed for high thermal performance, making them a leader in energy efficient door design. What’s more, because engineered materials tend to hold their shape better over long periods of time, engineered wooden barn doors are also built for the long-haul.

Engineer your dream space and start showing off your style by installing an engineered solid wood barn door from Renin today.

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