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Duet Barn Door and

Synchronized Biparting Kit



Easy Clip Soft Close attachment is designed to install quickly and discreetly onto most flat track barn door hardware kits. This patent pending low profile attachment is hidden behind the barn door track and can be easily installed in minutes to any new or previously mounted barn door kit. The first attachment of its kind attaches on both ends of the track for smooth travel and effortless open and close functionality.

Add character and charm to your space by adding our pre-finished Duet Barn Doors to transform a doorway with two stylish doors gliding across one track. Choose from three stylish looks – traditional shaker style with chevron insert in Ashen Gray or Ashen White or select a white shaker style with a 1-lite tempered frosted glass insert. These biparting barn doors easily operate with our innovative Synchro cable driven Biparting Barn Door Hardware Kit where both doors simultaneously open and close with an effortless push or pull. Take the guesswork out of the installation process with our Complete Barn Door and Hardware Kit where all components are included, predrilled and ready to install. These doors are a great solution when your space does not allow for a full size barn door.

  • Each component of the door is individually wrapped in a durable, scratch resistant finish simulating a smooth wood grain look that requires no further painting or staining
  • Three styles available: chevron design in Ashen Gray or Ashen White; or Bright White with a 4mm 1-Lite tempered frosted glass insert
  • Super stable pre-finished solid engineered wood core which does not crack or warp as a result of humidity changes in the home
  • Simultaneously open and close two bi-parting doors with one hand instead of having to open each side individually
  • Concealed floor guide allows the door to travel smoothly while keeping your opening clear, hazard free and easy to clean
  • Update existing French Doors with bi-parting doors. No need to plan for the added space required to swing doors that often will never be used in their closed position
  • Quicker installation with our innovative new hardware anchors which mount directly to a stud or header with no need for a backer board for additional support
  • Model Number: BD124
  • Available Sizes: (2) 21" x 84" x 1 3/8"
  • Door Style and Color: Shaker Style with chevron design in Ashen Gray and Ashen White; Bright White shaker style with 1-lite tempered frosted glass insert
  • Kit Includes: (2) Slabs, (1) 83 7/8" Flat Track, (4) Bent Straps, (5) Multi-Positional Wall Anchors, (4) End Stops, (2) Handles, (6) Door Guides, (2) Pullies, (1) Clamp and (1) Wire
Part Number Finish Width Height Price
BD124W48AG2AGE42084 Finish: Ashen Gray Width: 21” Height: 84” Price: $775.00
BD124W48AW2AWE42084 Finish: Ashen White Width: 21” Height: 84” Price: $775.00
BD124W48BW2TGE42084 Finish: Bright White Width: 21” Height: 84” Price: $775.00

Unfortunately, we do not recommend painting this door. It is prefinished in a wood decor wrap that gives it the appearance of painted wood but most paints do not stick to it properly.

Do not clean with solvents or commercial cleaners as they may damage the finish and / or distort the finish of the wood. When cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth or sponge.

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