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LED Mirrors

Redefine Illumination with a Backlit Mirror

Combining a contemporary appearance and modern convenience, backlit mirrors enhance the focus, feel and functionality of any room in your house. Ideal for bedrooms, common areas, and of course, bathrooms, these mirrors can offer subtle, soft lighting with luxurious design.

Illuminated mirrors emit directional light at eye level, where it is most effective for your daily tasks like shaving, applying makeup or styling your hair. Backlit mirrors allow you to avoid the deep shadows cast by overhead lighting. The mirror’s integral lighting evenly highlights all the areas of your face and also helps brighten focused tasks, such as applying mascara or putting in contact lenses.

You also can save energy and reduce electricity costs. Compared with traditional incandescent bulbs, our LEDs use at least 75% less energy and last 25 times longer with an estimated usage time of up to 50,000 hours. Not only do they contribute to your smart, long-term energy savings, they also significantly reduce the cost and waste of replacement bulbs.

Your LED-illuminated frameless mirror will make any space in your home feel modern, light and bright. A well-placed backlit mirror maximizes your room’s daylight and enhances your views. Naturally complementing any interior, mirrors visually expand your room’s height and depth for a more open and comfortable experience. At night, the mirror’s energy-efficient lighting can remain on to enhance a room’s ambiance.