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At Renin, we believe there’s no place like home.

We’ve strategically infused all of our partitions with polish so that they don’t contain a room, they create it. We’ve expertly designed our doors to divide, but you’ll quickly find, they have the ability to actually bring everything together.

You’ll discover the same qualities about our mirrors – we believe they are an opportunity to reflect your unique style and have the power to slide sophistication across your home.

Start exploring how our products can start to separate your interior from the rest.

  • Sliding Bifold Doors

    Sliding Bifold Doors

    A sliding bifold door system, most commonly used as a closet door, makes opening and closing your closet effortless even if you’re half asleep!

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  • Sliding Bypass Doors

    Sliding Bypass Doors

    Sliding Bypass Doors are the perfect closet doors for any room. Smoothly rolling from side to side, they give you full access to all of the space in your closet.

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  • Pivot Doors

    Pivot Doors

    Need to install a door into an existing opening but want to avoid installing hinges or messing with the door jamb? Pivot doors are the perfect solution, offering a complete opening of your closet entrance and the ability to select mirror, glass or traditional panel inserts to make it your own.

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  • Barn Doors

    Barn Doors

    Renin barn doors can change the look of your home because they offer more than just function; they are a feature, possessing the perfect balance of beauty and ease of use for the modern homeowner.

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  • Backlit Mirrors

    Backlit Mirrors

    For an effortless addition of contemporary chic, all it takes it the gorgeous glow of a backlit mirror. Projecting a soft halo around the perimeter of the frame, a backlit mirror brings a balanced, even light to any room and adds enviable, undeniable ambience.

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  • Wall Mirrors

    Wall Mirrors

    Depth, dimension and elegance are easily accomplished, along with the illusion of space, by mounting a wall mirror in your home. Beautifully backlit, framed, and fashionably frameless, wall mirrors truly complete a room.

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