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Social Responsibility

Our responsibility goes beyond creating well-designed reliable products, providing responsive customer service, and ensuring environmentally sound and safe practices in our facilities. It includes supporting not only our customers, but also our communities and our neighbours.

When each of us can enjoy a decent and affordable home, all of us will live better together. More than just a house, having a place to call home provides stability, strength, and independence. Fostering pride in our homes builds pride in ourselves and in our neighbourhoods. This foundation produces the vibrant communities where we can learn, work, and play.

Reaching toward this vision, Renin supports Habitat for Humanity Canada’s work to build homes with families in need of decent, safe, and affordable housing. Partnering with Habitat Canada and Habitat ReStores since 2015, we have donated hundreds of tons of our barn doors, closet doors, and wall décor to their programs. In 2019 alone, we donated more than 115 tons of our barn doors and wall decor to Habitat ReStores across Canada.

An innovative, social enterprise, the money generated at Habitat ReStores funds local Habitat homebuilding projects and operations. These stores also diverted an estimated 46,000 tons of waste from landfills last year, making every donation an economical, social and environmentally responsible contribution.

In addition to helping provide people in need of housing with affordable homes, our staff also supports families in need with food drives, holiday toy and gift drives, and through their individual volunteerism. Participation decisions are based on an alignment with our company’s values, a connection to our communities, and our available resources.

To learn more about our giving and social responsibility strategies, please email To make your own donation or get involved with Habitat for Humanity Canada, please visit

Renin for Habitat for Humanity