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Industrial Barn Doors

Industrial barn doors have become a popular interior door choice—and it’s easy to see why. As attractive as they are functional, industrial barn doors marry old-world charm with sleek style to elevate the look of any room.

Expertly combining the old with the new, Renin offers several industrial barn door options to help you achieve that sought-after industrial style at home or at the office.

The choice is yours!

Industrious Performance: Industrial Barn Doors

Renin’s industrial barn doors are inspired by the large, steel-framed windows frequently found in converted loft apartments within New York’s Tribeca neighborhood. This neighborhood formerly consisted of industrial properties that were transformed into residential buildings—without losing their historic roots.

True to their name, industrial barn doors are industrious. Made with hardworking materials, they provide dependable performance for a frustration-free experience. They’re super stylish and they’re designed to stand the test of time.

Sliding Industrial Barn Doors

Compared to traditional swinging doors, industrial sliding barn doors take up much less space. Simply slide the door along its track to open or close it. Unlike swinging doors, industrial barn doors lay flush against the wall even when opened, so you don’t need to sacrifice floor space.

Benefits of Industrial Barn Doors:

  • Clean, minimalist design ensures space efficiency
  • Trackless operation keeps floors in pristine condition
  • The aluminum frame glides easily thanks to its lightweight materials

Renin’s industrial barn doors are pre-finished; they require no priming, painting, or staining, so you can install and enjoy them sooner than later. We offer a wide range of hardware to make it easy.

 Add Lites to Metal Barn Doors

Industrial doors are widely recognized for their utilitarian lines and smooth function. But metal doesn’t need to feel cold or impersonal.

The tempered glass panels within Renin’s industrial barn doors add warmth and create a welcoming impression. The glass lets in light—while still providing privacy with its frosted appearance. The tempered frosted glass within our industrial-style barn doors softens the metal components for an airy aesthetic, embracing transitional style.

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