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Designer Tips for Selecting a Closet Door

by Jodie Owen
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Trident Bypass Closet Doors Silver Oak Nursery Beauty
Trident Bypass Closet Doors in Whitney Irene's Nursery

While we tend to consider the size and layout of a closet when building or renovating, the closet doors themselves are often an afterthought.  Considering it’s a door we open and close daily, it really should be an item that is embraced and highlighted.

A great way to spruce up a room, or to break up the consistency of the home’s interior doors, is to choose an entirely different door for your closet.  Consider it as its own accessory to the space. has combined a modern aesthetic, function, and easy installation to their closet door systems.  It’s become an accessible and affordable way to go from an afterthought to a thoughtful, stand-out element.

Let’s take a closer look at the three types of closet doors available at Renin, and some key features to consider.

The Sliding Bypass Door

Because these doors will never open out into the room, this is a great choice for tight spaces where you want to keep the area in front of the closet free and clear.  There’s a top roll track system that allows you to lift and hook the door into place.

What: Trident Double-K Design Bypass

Where: Great option for a condo bedroom where space is precious

Why: The added flair and texture from the K design will give a smaller room some character

Designer Tip: Tie in the silver oak wood tones of the door through another piece in the room, like a light wood picture frame or wooden bowl.

Collage of three images. Main image is wood K design sliding closet door in a rustic bedroom. Next image is a large picture frame with a beach image. Final image is a modern white hanging light.
The Trident Double-K Bypass Closet Door comes in a silver oak finish and is made from Engineered Wood.

Click here to view the full selection of Renin’s Sliding bypass doors.

The Bifold Door

Due to their lightweight nature, these are often the common choice and tend to be a little more cost-effective.  A great addition to a kid’s room, where opening and closing are effortless.  Renin has incorporated a free-glide top roll system, which means no fiddling with the door jamb and casing (bonus!).  The folding design allows for 95% access to the closet and requires less opening room than your traditional door with hinges.

What: Euro 1-Lite Bifold Door

Where: Children’s Bedroom

Why: Lightweight, easy to open & close, and the modern, sleek design is perfect for the growing family member

Designer Tip: Take the door up a notch by switching out the existing knob to an oversized, colorful one instead.

Collage of white Bifold bedroom Closet Door, colourful circular drawer nobs on a white background and a blue and beige fabric basket on a white background.
Euro 1-Lite Bifold Closet Door comes with tempered frosted glass inserts for an open-air finish.

Discover the different bifold door options here.

Pivot Closet Doors

Pivot doors at Renin offer a complete opening of your closet entrance through the use of pivot connectors. This avoids the need for installing hinges and impacting the existing door jambs.  You achieve the look of traditional double swinging doors, without the extra mess.

What: Provincial 8-Lite Pivot Door

Where: Master Bedroom

Why: Traditional double door opening, grand appearance, french door flair, suitable for the primary bedroom

Designer Tip: Install new hardware (a long pull for example) to achieve a more sophisticated look, and consider painting the walls in a light greige to add contrast against the white doors.

Collage of modern white chandler, White pivot closet doors and black barn door hardware.
This Provincial 8-Lite Double Pivot Closet Doors give your space an elegant finish.

You can view the styles and choices of pivot doors here.

Switching out your closet doors doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  The easy installation methods and accessible sizes afford homeowners a functional and modern element that will instantly update a room.

About Jodie Owen

Jodie Owen is the Principle Designer, and Owner at Jodie Owen Designs and her philosophy is: “With a love for neutral aesthetics, we add warmth and coziness by layering styles, adding texture, and keeping things simple. It’s casually refined living at its best.”