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Getting the Perfect Fit for Your Closet Doors

by Renin
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how to measure closet door

Like a tailored suit or dress, a few simple measurements will ensure your closet doors are precisely fitted and easily installed.

Adding stylish functionality to any room in your home, closet doors enhance your space with a decorative face.

To get started, gather your sturdy step ladder, paper, pencil, and a tape measure or your favorite digital measuring app. Consider having someone help you accurately record your measurements, and remember to stay safe when reaching up high.

Standing in the finished opening, jot down your measurements to the nearest 1/8 inch. For bifold and pivot closet doors, you’ll need to measure the diagonals, widths, and heights of the finished opening, and make sure you have space for the doors when they’re open. For bypass closet doors, you only need the widths and heights of the finished opening.

Tools to Measure Barn Door

Detail Your Diagonals

For bifold and pivot doors, measure the diagonal inside the closet’s opening from the right top corner to the bottom left corner. Repeat this on the other side, from the left top corner to the bottom right corner. If the measurements differ by more than ½’, the doors will not slide open or closed completely and the opening should be fixed so the opening is straighter.  It is not necessary to take a diagonal measurement for a bypass or sliding closet door.

Watch Your Widths

Even in new homes, not all closets are perfectly square. Whether you’ve selected a bifold, pivot, or bypass door, you’ll need to measure both the top and bottom horizontal widths of your opening.

  • At the top, position the tape measure against the inside of the trim and extend it along the finished framed opening to the inside of the opposite trim piece.
  • Next, move to the bottom of the finished opening and repeat the side-to-side measurement by extending your tape measure along the floor where the bottom track will be mounted.

Verify Your Verticals

The left and right heights of the closet’s opening are key for any style of doors. Snug your tape measure beneath the top finished framing and extend it straight down to the floor. If there is a significant difference between the right and left heights, take an additional measurement at the center. These numbers will be critical to helping your doors hang evenly and operate smoothly.

Remember to measure the highest point of the floor within the door’s area of operation to allow clearance space for door panels to fold or swing into the room. Be sure to account for floor clearance and any change in the floor’s height. For example, the bottom of your closet door should be positioned to effortlessly pass over carpeting or rugs.

Select Your Size

Bifold closet doors typically fit an 80.5” or 96” tall opening. Typical widths can range from 24” to 72”. For spans up to 36”, your closet doors will have two panels or one door opening from the right or left. For widths between 36” and 72”, four panels will be needed for your bifold door, or two doors – one on each side.  If your height and width measurements are slightly different, use the smallest measurements for both to select your door.

For a simple and clean bifold closet door look, we recommend the Euro 1- Lite Bifold Door with tempered glass inserts.  

Lite Bifold Off White Lifestyle

Pivot closet door options are normally 80.5” tall with widths spanning from 24” to 72” (each with two panels measuring from 12” to 36” each).  Regardless of the widths of the doors, pivot doors come in a set of two. If your height and width measurements are slightly different, use the smallest measurements for both to select your door.

Get old-world charm with modern styling in our Crochet Multi-X Design pivot closet door.

Bypass closet doors are available in similar standard sizes as bifold and pivot doors. These sliding closet doors typically measure 80” to 81”and 96” tall. They accommodate horizontal openings from 48” up to 192”. For the largest widths, your bypass doors will need four panels. Three panels are used for bypass closet doors covering 108” to 144” widths. For smaller widths, two panels are all that is required.  Use the largest width and shortest height measurements if there is a difference when measuring your closet finished opening.

Our sleek and modern Lace Multi-X Design bypass closet door, with mirror inserts, adds a bit of glam to any room. 

Lace Multi-X Bypass Closet Doors

With your exact measurements in hand, and so many closet door sizes available, the most difficult part of your decision should be choosing the perfect design to match your style.

Ready to get started on your DIY Closet Door Project? Download our reference guide on a complete overview of standard sizes and finished openings of closet doors, and how to measure your closet door!