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Mix & Match Barn Door for Your Bathroom

by Kelsey Mansingh
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Modern concept washroom with sink and a sliding grey barn door.
This sliding bathroom barn door with the added privacy latch allowed us to match the bathroom door perfectly to our space.

Do you love the look of barn doors, but don’t feel confident in your ability to build one, or don’t have the tools to do so? Look no further, Renin is here to make your lives easier with all of their versatile and flexible barn door options.

Renin has so many types of doors to choose from, including Mix & Match Complete Barn Door Kits, bifold doors, bypass doors, and pivot doors. Within those different types of doors, they offer one to fit into any decor style. You’ll find traditional to the contemporary – rustic, modern farmhouse, mid-century modern, minimalistic, urban, industrial, coastal, or eclectic. Alone, they make the perfect statement piece, or you can pair together multiple to make the perfect combination for any space. Renin makes the customization process so easy, as you can choose from pre-finished colors and patterns, stained or unfinished solid wood, frosted or translucent glass, and other design elements such as sizes, hardware, and accessories.

View of grey bathroom barn door with a black lock from inside the bathroom.
From the inside of the bathroom, you can easily latch and unlatch this herringbone barn door.

The Gatsby Barn Door is a part of Renin’s Mix & Match category, which means I could select my door, mounting hardware color, and add on options. This acts as a “build your own door” element, which is perfect for those looking to add personal touches to their door. The customizations we chose were the matte black mounting hardware, and the privacy latch, since it is a barn door for our bathroom, we knew that we would need access to full seclusion. I have never actually heard of a privacy latch for a barn door, so I was pretty excited that this was a feature Renin offered!


Doorway with no door opening into a modern white bathroom.


Grey herringbone barn door with a barn door lock leading into a modern white bathroom.

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