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Sleek and Simple Solutions for the Modern Bathroom

by Jodie Owen
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The design industry is seeing a movement towards airy, modern and simple bathrooms as of late.  Muted colors, less patterns and polished vanities are making their way into many home renovation projects. By focusing on less to fill the space, and highlighting the finishes and elements that make a bathroom functional, the result is a more modern and serene bath experience.

Renin has leveraged the surge of modern bathrooms by offering mirrors and cabinets that enhance the functionality and complement the contemporary aesthetic.

Backlit Mirrors

These mirrors emit directional light at eye level and avoid the shadows that often cast from overhead lighting, making daily tasks like styling and shaving more ideal.  The LED lighting illuminated through these frameless mirrors are energy saving, modern and visually expand the room’s size.

Renin’s selection of LED mirrors may also offer these additional features:

  • Sensor touch on/off control with integrated dimmer offering convenience and ambiance
  • Low profile design creates more space by keeping the cabinet flush to the wall
  • An Integrated wireless speaker now makes getting ready an experience!
  • Encased LED light strips offer a more balanced lighting effect
walk-in shower
The Symphony is hung horizontally and the side strips create an even more modern aesthetic.
Interior of modern bathroom with granite tile walls
The Landscape resembles more of the standard framed mirror but offers a 360-degree lighting experience.
Interior of bathroom with wooden ceiling 3D rendering 4
The Antica combines both a backlit mirror experience and extra storage as a frameless medicine cabinet. Bright and functional for any modern bath.
modern bathroom including bath and sink
The Florence is a great option for a powder room and adds a touch of elegance to the contemporary décor.

Medicine Cabinets

To keep in line with the spacious and modern themes, floating vanities and minimalistic cabinets are the perfect way to achieve this.  But this leaves the need for an alternative storage solution.  Medicine cabinets keep necessities tucked away, without adding bulk to an airy bathroom space.

Here are a few highlights from Renin’s collection:

The Chatsworth offers versatility in any bathroom. It’s a surfaced mounted, single panel mirror with adjustable shelving.
The Kingswood features a three panel mirror with a classic oak frame adding a touch of warmth to the space.
The Lyndle takes modern design even further. It’s stainless steel frame has a recessed installation creating a more sleek and spacious bath experience.

As a designer, I am loving the trend towards contemporary finishes and fixtures in the bathroom.  This focus allows for a more spacious and spa-like experience.  Not a bad feeling to walk into!  Renin’s mirrors and cabinets fit into this trend perfectly through their practicality and modern composition.