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InvisiGlide Across the Wall




We have revolutionized the way a sliding door looks and functions by eliminating the bulky, noisy and difficult to assemble hardware. Renin’s patented InvisiGlide™ hardware kit consists of 5 beautifully finished and adjustable wall mounted disks and rear mounted aluminum track which mounts directly to your door.

InvisiGlide™ with Soft Close technology quietly and effortlessly moves across the wall with our micro-adjust discs which move in and out; and up and down to ensure doors run smoothly when walls are uneven. This hardware kit not only disappears behind your door but does it quietly and smoothly with our soft close technology.

To determine compatible door height, measure opening height plus + 4″ plus casing height, if applicable.

  • 36" or 42" aluminum track mounts behind the door allowing it to effortlessly glide across the wall mounted discs
  • Micro-adjust discs can be adjusted in and out and up and down to ensure door runs smoothly when walls are uneven
  • Integrated Soft Close for a quieter and smoother open and close
  • Supports a single door weighing up to 200 lbs (sold separately)
  • Model Number: AW64950
  • Kit includes: Behind the door mounted track, 5 wall mounted discs with aluminum cover plates, integrated soft close mechanism with safety catch and (2) floor and (1) wall-mount door guides

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