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Spectrum Biparting Track Joiner

Barn Door Hardware


Track Joiner and mounting hardware for bi-parting doors designed to join two barn door tracks for wider opening applications.

  • Designed to join two tracks for wider double barn door opening applications
  • Allows two doors to travel across two tracks
  • Barn Door Hardware Kits sold separately
  • Model Number: BD125
Part Number Hardware Finish Price
BD125-MB Hardware Finish: Matte Black Price: $25.00
BD125-SS Hardware Finish: Satin Nickel Price: $28.00

A track joiner allows the wheels on your hardware straps to smoothly pass over the junction point of the two tracks. This can also create a cleaner look in that the track will appear more like one larger track. If you want your doors to stop in the middle when the doors are closed, be sure to include the inner door stops. If you want your doors to stay firmly closed, we recommend using our Easy Clip Soft Close attachment which will ensure that the doors remain completely closed. This eliminates any banging of the doors or opening as a result of the track not be mounted perfectly square. It also ensures your doors can be easily opened and remain in the full open position.

You will need to ensure both of your hardware tracks are touching in the center where the track joiner will be installed. If the ends aren’t touching, you may not be able to attach you track joiner as the screws will not align with the two installed tracks. If there is a small space, try unloosening the bolts so that you can pull the two tracks together and attach the track joiner. This will take 2 or 3 people helping. Be sure to tighten the bolts back up after the track joiner is installed.

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