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Find Your Next Closet Door

by Renin
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Let’s face it – keeping your closet clean at all times is an impossible task. Whether you use it to store food, hang your clothes or hide shoes, closets get messy and life gets busy! Keep the décor of your home intact and enhance the look of your room by adding a stylish closet door to your space.

Show off your unique style and find the right door for you from our top 5 favourite closet doors.

Own style that slides.

A Sliding Mirror Door is great for small spaces. You can expand the look of any room and add dimension to your space without having to worry about matching colours, patterns or even textures. This type of closet door works well in any space and can seamlessly transition into any design.

A picture of a sliding mirror door.
A picture of a contemporary barn door.

Revel in rustic charm.

A Contemporary Barn Door can complement your home with both a modern and traditional style. You’ll save space with a sliding door and be able to easily access the items inside. Looking for something very current? Renin has striking hardware in stainless steel, matte black or bronze that will compliment your door to create a beautifully bold statement.

Find simplicity in the fold.

Structured Bifold Doors are a classic and never seem to go out of style. Most commonly used as a closet door, but also great for passageways, a Bifold Door can be and giving you the ability to create a modern appearance by adding tempered frosted glass.

A picture of a Structured Bifold Door.
A picture of a white Classic Bypass Door .

No need to bypass beauty.

A Classic Bypass Door can conceal a mess and complement your room in an instant. Pick a shade that matches your room or add contrasting colour to your space with endless combinations of frames and insert colors. If you’re looking to add some architectural features to your room, choose carved white panels or decorative fascia. Frosted glass is also another great feature to opt for.

Show your true colours.

Unique Coloured Doors make a bold statements. Make your door the focal point of any room by painting it one solid colour. When choosing which colour to go with, look to accent pillows or wall art in the room and pull out complementing colours. Or, pick a complete opposite shade for a contrasting effect.

A picture of a Unique Coloured Door in red.

At Renin, we’re here to help you find your next closet door. With long-lasting products and dynamic design, we’ve got some of the best door options for you to choose from. We want to hear your closet design ideas! Share your suggestions with us on any of our social media accounts and your design ideas could be featured in an original Renin post.

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