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Euro 1-Lite

Bypass Door


80 1/4 - 80 7/8”
Tempered Frosted Glass
* Width/Height of Finished Opening

This European-inspired 1-lite sliding bypass closet door system with frosted glass insert conceals storage and preserves privacy, while adding a feeling of openness and light to your room.

A smooth, Off-White painted-look frame surrounds the glass for a neat, modern appearance that pairs well with mid-century modern, minimalistic, industrial and urban home designs.

Ideal for closets large or small, the sliding closet doors can be ordered with two or four panels.

  • Tool-free, dial-adjust roller closet door hardware lifts and hooks onto the top track system for fast, accurate installation
  • Solid engineered wood closet door frames are scratch-resistant and will not warp or crack as result of humidity changes in the home
  • Prefinished on both sides in Off-White, the wood door frames and matching fascia save you time and mess by skipping the painting, staining and clean-up of unfinished doors and trim
  • Each 1-lite door panel’s contemporary 4mm frosted tempered glass insert allows for light transmission and is up to four times stronger than regular glass
  • Trackless closet door design operates efficiently keeping your floor opening clear and hazard-free
  • Cannot be painted, stained or cut
  • Custom closet door sizes are not available
  • Model Number: EU2010
  • Door Style and Color: 1-Lite sliding bypass door in Off-White
  • Number of Panels: 2
  • Finished Opening Size: 47 - 48" x 80 1/4 - 80 7/8"; 59 - 60" x 80 1/4 - 80 7/8" ; and 71 - 72" x 80 1/4 - 80 7/8"
  • Actual Panel Size: 25" x 78 5/8"; 31" x 78 5/8"; and 37" x 78 5/8"
  • Door Thickness: 7/8"
Part Number Frame Finish Width Height Insert Type Price
EU2010BWFGE048080 Frame Finish: Off-White Width: 47 - 48” Height: 80 1/4 - 80 7/8” Insert Type: Tempered Frosted Glass Price: $459.00
EU2010BWFGE060080 Frame Finish: Off-White Width: 59 - 60” Height: 80 1/4 - 80 7/8” Insert Type: Tempered Frosted Glass Price: $519.00
EU2010BWFGE072080 Frame Finish: Off-White Width: 71 - 72” Height: 80 1/4 - 80 7/8” Insert Type: Tempered Frosted Glass Price: $589.00

Ideally you would drill though the flooring (tile, hardwood or vinyl) and use provided screws to install. As an option, you can mount on hardwood, tile or vinyl using high tack double sided tape to avoid drilling into surface.

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