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Hall 3-Lite

Barn Door Kit



Easy Clip Soft Close attachment is designed to install quickly and discreetly onto most flat track barn door hardware kits. This patent pending low profile attachment is hidden behind the barn door track and can be easily installed in minutes to any new or previously mounted barn door kit. The first attachment of its kind attaches on both ends of the track for smooth travel and effortless open and close functionality.

Select from our Easy Latch Hardware Kit or standard latch to add a privacy option to your barn door

Easy Latch Barn Door Privacy Hardware Kit
Tear Drop Latch

Track Joiner and mounting hardware for bi-parting doors designed to join two barn door tracks for wider opening applications.

Renin’s Single Track Bypass double barn door hardware kit eliminates the bulk of a traditional bypassing system by removing one of the tracks which allows your doors to be closer to the wall. This not only provides more privacy but also reduces light entering the room. This innovative double bypass barn door hardware system provides a more contemporary appearance with less hardware visible on the wall and is a modern alternative to covering a wider opening where more traditional French doors may have been used.

When wall space is an issue, the bypass kit will allow two barn doors to independently travel across two tracks and not require extra clearance. The double barn door hardware kit allows for one door to slide over another making it perfect for closets, pantries, or possibly even multiple openings on the same wall.

Presenting a modern look that balances daylight and privacy, our 3-Lite Hall Barn Door offers the perfect passageway for more than hallways and closets. Imagine the possibilities of this translucent look on display in your kitchen, living room or home office. Our horizonal, 3-Lite, tempered frosted glass design is framed in solid engineered wood, pre-finished for durability in a choice of colors and appointed with Rustic Matte Black hardware. This modern barn door provides dependable, smooth operation and its trackless design maintains clear, hazard-free floor openings.

  • Pre-finished solid engineered wood slidng barn door featuring a durable, scratch resistant smooth finish that requires no further painting or staining
  • Choose from Bright White with a textured wood grain painted look, Espresso smooth wood grain look or Iron Age smooth wood grain look. All three options come with the look of 3 tempered frosted glass inserts
  • Hardened steel, bent strap hardware and matching handle in a Rustic Matte Black finish
  • Quick Hang hardware significantly reduces installation time by mounting directly to the wall with no need for a backer board
  • Ready-to-hang with pre-drilled mounting holes and hidden bottom groove for floor guide
  • Traditional barn door track system with concealed floor guide allows the door to travel smoothly while keeping your opening clear, hazard free and easy to clean.
  • Optional adjustable wall mounted floor barn door guide installs directly onto the wall or baseboard which requires no drilling into your floor
  • Easy-to-follow installation instructions and video show how to install a barn door
  • Model Number: BD061
  • Available Sizes: 36” x 84” x 1-3/8”; fits 28” - 34” wide opening
  • Door Style and Color: Engineered wood in a Bright White with a textured wood grain painted look, Espresso smooth wood grain look or Iron Age smooth wood grain look. All three options come with the look of 3 tempered frosted glass inserts
  • Hardware Type and Color: Bent straps made of hardened steel and finished in Rustic Matte Black
  • Installation Hardware Included: All Installation Hardware Included for drywall or concrete installations: bent straps, handle, wall spacers, anti-jump blocks, track end stops, floor guide, wall-mounted guide, floor-mounted guide, track mounting screws, concrete bolts and anchors
Part Number Finish Width Height Price
BD061W01BW3TGE36084 Finish: Bright White Width: 36” Height: 84” Price: $579.00
BD061W01ES3TGE36084 Finish: Espresso Width: 36” Height: 84” Price: $579.00
BD061W01IA3TGE36084 Finish: Iron Age Width: 36” Height: 84” Price: $579.00

Unfortunately, we do not recommend painting this door. It is prefinished in a wood decor wrap that gives it the appearance of painted wood but most paints do not stick to it properly.

A minimum of 6" is required from the top of the wheel to the ceiling.

Doors are approx. 4” wider and 4” higher than the door opening. Barn door track length is generally twice the door width.

Yes. Renin offers a by-parting hardware track which allows two sets of doors to travel independently on two tracks.

Yes, you can cut the track. You will need a proper cutting tool and blade to get through the track as it is hardened steel. We recommend that you also file the ends to make sure there are no sharp edges

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