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Barn Doors for the Bathroom

Sliding Barn Doors for Bathrooms – Ideas & Looks

Barn doors are a popular choice for home renovation projects and can be especially useful in saving space. Barn doors are an excellent choice for bathrooms, especially when paired with the Easy Latch Privacy Lock.

Saving Space

Unlike traditional bathroom doors which swing open and take up valuable space, Renin bathroom barn doors slide open with ease to take up a fraction of the space. That means you can maximize the space in your bathroom for shelving, extra countertop space, or even visually, to make the room look bigger.

Check out how this bathroom barn door allows for all the space to be utilized in front of the bathroom, without making the entrance look crowded or interfering with access.

Pictured is the Sherwood Extra Tall Arrow Design InvisiGlide Barn Door Kit.

Black-Brown Bathroom Barn Door
Sherwood Extra Tall Arrow Design InvisiGlide Barn Door Kit from Lynda McKeen


When people are considering a barn door for a bathroom, privacy is usually an area of concern. Renin bathroom barn doors come in various widths and heights, so that there are no gaps once the door is mounted.

Another concern with bathroom barn doors is the door sliding open at an inopportune time. Renin has created a solution for this with the Easy Latch Barn Door Privacy latch, designed to give you the privacy you need in your home without compromising style or function.

Gatsby Chevron 2-Panel Shaker Design with Matte Black Mix & Match Hardware Kit for Jennifer Newhouse
Gatsby Chevron 2-Panel Shaker Design with Matte Black Mix & Match Hardware Kit by Jennifer Newhouse
From rustic to contemporary, industrial to traditional, Renin offers you a selection of professionally curated barn door kits that will transform bathrooms of every size, shape, and style.



If you were wondering if sliding barn door kits have the ability to lock, the answer is yes! With barn door lock hardware, you can lock a barn door in place just like you would any other door.

Ensuite Bathrooms

Barn doors can be used to separate the sleeping space from an ensuite bathroom and to give a bathroom its own unique style. Adding a barn door with a privacy lock for bathroom spaces is becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes.

As with barn doors in other areas of the house, select barn doors for bathrooms can be painted. Because barn doors for bathrooms are visible whether open or closed, a painted barn door can provide a contrasting accent to white walls, or a complementary color to contrast the rustic hues of hardwood floors while giving the bathroom entrance a pop of color.

Narrow Bathrooms

Barn doors can be used to tie a space together and expand the visual space in a narrow room, like a bathroom. With our Mix & Match Complete Barn Door Kit, you can choose from many different types of doors then select your hardware in Matte Black, Satin Nickel, Burnished Bronze or add some flair with Copper. Don’t forget your Easy Latch bathroom barn door lock!

Kelsey Mansingh Installed our Gatsby Mix & Match Hardware Barn Door Kit for Guest Bathroom
View of grey bathroom barn door with a black lock from inside the bathroom.
From the inside of the bathroom, you can easily latch and unlatch this herringbone barn door.

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