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Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic barn doors are a timeless interior design choice that can add visual interest to nearly every room in your home—it’s no wonder they have such appeal.

As the name implies, rustic barn doors mimic the charming comfort of old farmhouses found in the countryside. But don’t mistake ‘rustic’ for shabby, plain, or outdated. Quite the contrary, Renin’s rustic barn doors introduce modern design elements that make these doors look unquestionably contemporary.

Charm and Character: Rustic Barn Doors

Building on the traditional rustic style that started it all, Renin’s rustic barn doors lend themselves well to any décor thanks to a wide variety of designs.

All of our rustic barn doors have solid engineered wood for lasting years of smooth operation. Most are available in single and bipart configurations, making it easy to add interesting appeal and practical function to your home.

Some of our most popular rustic barn door styles include:

With so many designs to choose from, you can express yourself in multiple ways in different areas of your home while still keeping a consistent, overarching style throughout.

Get the Look with Renin’s Rustic Barn Doors

All rustic barn doors add a unique focal point to a room that catches people’s eyes when they walk in. But not all rustic barn doors look the same. Achieve your desired aesthetic by considering the door texture, finish, and hardware.

Renin provides no shortage of options. Available finishes include Driftwood, Sandstone, Silver Oak, Off-White, and Iron Age. Choose from a classic textured wood grain rustic barn door or one with a smooth look.

Next, consider the raised pattern of the door. You might prefer a Z-design, a K-design, an X-design, or a cross brace design. If your goal is to introduce more light into a room, you may opt for a rustic barn door with built-in windows.

There are no wrong answers; it’s simply a matter of personal preference. Can’t decide? Mix and match!

The Benefits of Beautiful Rustic Barn Doors

Rustic barn doors provide lasting beauty, but also many functional benefits. The sliding doors take up much less floor space than swinging doors, and there’s nothing ‘rustic’ about how they open and close. You’ll be impressed by the smooth operation.

Benefits of Rustic Barn Doors:

  • Clean, minimalist design ensures space efficiency
  • Durable, scratch-resistant finish requires no painting or staining
  • Trackless operation keeps floors in pristine condition

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