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Modern Barn Doors

When most people think of barn doors within a home, they think of traditional styles that echo a farmhouse feel. While that look can certainly be achieved if it’s your decided aesthetic, modern barn doors can go far beyond those rustic pre-conceptions.

Today’s modern barn doors include creative, contemporary inspirations. Renin’s stylish and modern barn doors feature simple and clean lines that elevate the old farm-style. We’ve transformed a classic door style by giving it new life for a new era.

Modern Barn Door Designs & Styles

Renin offers many modern barn doors designs and styles. Some of our most popular designs include:

Which of these modern barn door designs and styles do you like best? There is no right answer; so much depends on your personal preferences and the design of your home!

Renin offers many modern styles of barn doors for you to choose from. But with options come choices. If you’re having trouble deciding which one is right for your space, try thinking more broadly and consider design fundamentals for sliding barn doors.

K-Design Sliding Barn Door

A K-design sliding barn door is known for its wooden accent pieces that form the letter K that is accompanied by a cross panel that strengthens the door.

Z-Design Sliding Barn Door

A Z-design sliding barn door is instantly recognizable because its cross panels form a design that looks like the letter Z. Don’t let the last letter in the alphabet throw you off; it’s a top choice!

Herringbone Sliding Barn Door

A Herringbone sliding barn door has an interesting appearance due to the arrangement of multiple rectangles. Together, they resemble the elaborate bones of fish .

Arrow Design Sliding Barn Door

An arrow design sliding barn door consists of a bold, intersecting diagonal arrow pattern that creates an energetic and sophisticated appearance.

X-Design Sliding Barn Door 

An X-design sliding barn door looks like “X marks the spot.” Many people love this modernized classic X-design so much, they look no further before incorporating it within different areas of their homes.





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